How long should I wait to decorate my tree?
Typically we suggest giving your tree 24-48 hours to settle before putting decorations on it, depending on the tree size.  Smaller trees can be decorated sooner, larger trees need longer to settle. Basically 1-2 days.

How do I take care of my tree?
Please view our Tree Care tips and tricks for maintaining your tree.

I purchased a tree delivery package but I’d like to change the day / time of my delivery:
Please contact info@tylerstrees.com or 646-543-0861 to change the delivery day / time of your order.  Changes must be received prior to the start of your delivery window to avoid $30 re-delivery fee. 

How will the delivery team get in touch with me on the day of delivery?
During check-out, you will be prompted to enter a delivery contact name & phone number. On the day of delivery, the team will call this number when they are on their way to your location. 

What happens if I miss my delivery time window?
If there is no answer at your contact phone number the day of delivery, our team will leave a voicemail and will call a second time. If there is no answer for the second attempt, they will need to move onto their next scheduled delivery and a new delivery date / time will need to be coordinated with our customer service team. There will be a $30 re-delivery fee to schedule a new delivery appointment. 

My tree was delivered but it is too big / too small:
Please contact our customer service team at info@tylerstrees.com or 646-543-0861. Our team will arrange a day / time frame for a swap to replace the tree previously delivered for a tree that better fits your size needs. Please note that you will be charged a re-delivery of $30.  Additionally, if you have upgraded to a larger size tree, you will also be charged for the difference in price between the original tree and the new, larger tree.

Where do you deliver?
Please see view our Delivery & Policies for more information on our radius and delivery pricing.

I already have my own tree stand. Can we use my own?
All of our tree packages come with a tree stand. We prefer to use our tree stand as its the only way for us to ensure that your tree has been securely installed

My building requires a COI for delivery.  Do you provide that?
Yes!  Please view our Delivery & Policies page for instructions on how to request a COI in advance of your delivery window. 

I ordered a Light Installation package.  When will you put the lights on the tree?
If your tree is 6 ft or smaller, your light installation will take place at the time of delivery. If your tree is 7 ft or larger, you will be contacted within 48 hours of placing the order to schedule a lighting appointment.  Note: Lighting appointment must be at least 24hrs after your tree delivery appointment to allow tree branches to settle.

What color lights are available?
All light sets are white lights.  No colored light sets are available at this time.

How many lights do you put on the tree during light installation?
Each box of lights covers about 1.5ft of tree, so for a 6ft tree we would light 5 boxes to ensure the tree feels “full”

I ordered a Decorations package.  Do I also need to order lights?
No.  The decorations package comes with lights, ornaments, and installation. 

What decoration styles do you offer? 
We have three decoration themes - Classic Christmas (red & green ornaments), Winter Wonderland (blue and silver ornaments), and Gold & Glamorous (gold ornaments). 

I ordered a Decorations package. When will you put the lights / decorations on the tree?
For all tree sizes, decorations installation will require a separate appointment from your tree delivery appointment. You will be contacted within 24-48 hours of placing the order to schedule a decorations appointment.  Note: Decoration appointment must be at least 24 hrs after your tree delivery appointment to allow tree branches to settle.

I’m not happy with my tree.  Will Tyler's Trees replace it?
Please see our Delivery & Policies  page to view our tree swap policy. 

I ordered tree removal.  When will I be able to schedule a date / time for removal?
You will receive an email in mid-December with instructions to schedule your tree removal. 

What do you do with the trees once removed?
Our team will take all trees to NYC Tree Recycling Centers.