Lighting Installation


The Light Installation Package includes: (Tree not included)

  • Boxes of Lights: The installation package comes with the number of light sets needed to beautifully illuminate the tree size indicated:
    • Each box of lights covers approximately 1 foot of tree.  Additional light sets can be purchased here.

    • Please note that all light sets contain white lights.  Colored light sets are not available.
  •  Installation: Our team of elves will install the lights on your tree. The timing of this installation is dependent on the size of your tree:
    • 6ft and Under: If your tree is 6ft and under, lights will be installed at the same time as your tree delivery. 

    • 7ft and Over: If your tree is 7ft or larger, this will require a separate installation appointment.  At the time of check-out, you will be prompted to select a date / time for your tree delivery.  Within 24-48 hours after your order has been processed, you will receive a follow up email from our team to schedule a separate light installation appointment. All light installations 7ft and Over must take place at least 24hrs after tree delivery to allow the branches to settle.

 **Note: The Tree is not included in this light installation package. Tree package must be purchased separately here.